Use Customized Teddy Bear as a School Spirit Item

Form previous ten years I have been selling and promoting some of the most well-known items in the school spirit raising activities industry and during that period I have seen a lot of changes. Everyone is conscious for their health these days so the dessert items are changing to “zero trans fats” and we are seeing many other healthier snacks alternatives take their place among the leaders, however, one factor hasn’t modified at all. Women are accountable for most of the revenue decision made regarding most fundraising activities events.

Have you ever went door to door with your kid and watched how individuals communicate with them? Here is a very common situation for you. Child ring the door bell a man answers, “Hello lady, how are you? The kid reacts ” Excellent sir, I am promoting items from this collection and would like to know if you would buy something to help assistance our school?” I am assured you will listen to one of two answers which are:

“I am sure we would, but my spouse isn’t home right now could you come later?” or “Sure, one time let me get my spouse.”

If women is in home she will likely ask the man what he would like and he will answer with “Whatever you want is okay sweetie.”

Of course I know this isn’t always the situation, but it is real more than 75% of time and that is why teddy bears should be your next school spirit item.

There are some amazing customized teddy bear collections available these days and they provide earnings as great as 50% which is amazing. The customized teddy bears sell for around 12 dollar, so they are within the right boundaries for effective item and they come in very unique styles, so there is always something for every customer.

Now keep in mind, teddy bears works for any team, from elementary to higher school students and why? It’s because you know your purchasing people is mainly the Moms, Grandmas, Aunties and Sisters on the globe and they really like custom teddy bears!

It’s also because teddy bears come in so many of modern most well-known styles which range from Melanoma Awareness, Sports Groups, Chapel Organizations, you name it and there is a bear for it. If there isn’t a teddy bear already existing, you can made one.

One of the more well-known teddy bear fundraising activities is to have a bear designed for your team and individuals like to see their Educational institutions name and logo on whatever they are advertising right?!

So give teddy bear a try! Believe me your followers will go insane in really like with them!


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